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Foals Expected in 2007

Baby Bella Valley Victor 15-Jan Peninsula Farm
Diggity Dancer Valley Victor 18-Jan Peninsula Farm
Odds On Jenna Dragon Again 21-Jan Odds On Nourrir
Romantic Gestures I Am A Fool 21-Jan Peninsula Farm
Passionate Kisses Cambest 27-Jan Peninsula Farm & Valley High Stable
Windylane Hanover Andover Hall 8-Feb Odds On Nourrir
Pursuing Keagan Broadway Hall 14-Feb Peninsula Farm & Valley High Stable
Seducer Hall Valley Victor 14-Feb Valley High Stable
Timberlassie Muscles Yankee 14-Feb Liverman Stables
Odds On Michelle Rocknroll Hanover 21-Feb Odds On Nourrir
Beach Boy's Lady Real Desire 22-Feb Dr. John Allen
Odds On Charmaine Dragon Again 23-Feb Odds On Nourrir
Under My Thumb Muscles Yankee 23-Feb Richard & Joyce McClelland
Lucky Flo Rocknroll Hanover 25-Feb Coyote Wynd Farms
On The Day Artsplace 25-Feb Dr. David Fisher
Peluso Angus Hall 25-Feb Peninsula Farm & Hans Enggren
Angel Park Jate Lobell 27-Feb Peninsula Farm & Valley High Stable
Margarita Nights Andover Hall 27-Feb Liverman Stables
Feel The Motion Muscles Yankee 28-Feb Liverman Stables
Latte Lady Western Hanover 28-Feb Odds On Nourrir
Missysmandarine Valley Victor 28-Feb Peninsula Farm & JTD Duer
Speed Up Angus Hall 28-Feb Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead
Kindling Conway Hall 1-Mar Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead
Horizontal Mombo Angus Hall 3-Mar Peninsula Farm
Flora Allen Real Artist 6-Mar Dr. John Allen
Amour Hall Muscles Yankee 14-Mar Peninsula Farm & Fashion Farm
Odds On Affair Camluck 15-Mar Odds On Nourrir
So Much Beautiful Classic Photo 17-Mar Peninsula Farm
The Temptress Credit Winner 18-Mar Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead
Odds On Tally Dragon Again 20-Mar Odds On Nourrir
Odds On Jeanette Red River Hanover 21-Mar Odds On Nourrir
Caper Caillie Credit Winner 24-Mar Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead & Adelaide Skoglund
Adjust My Halo Cam's Card Shark 25-Mar Peninsula Farm
Fraulien Bluestone Muscles Yankee 29-Mar Liverman Stables
Melodys Diamond Artsplace 29-Mar Odds On Nourrir
Odds On J Lo Real Desire 29-Mar Odds On Nourrir
Muscles Galore Valley Victor 30-Mar Peninsula Farm
Cartier Hall Yankee Glide 1-Apr Joe Mendelson
Nice Package The Panderosa 1-Apr Andrew Demetrious
Soutaine Hanover Muscles Yankee 3-Apr Liverman Stables & David McDuffee
Fast Food Valley Victor 8-Apr Valley High Stable & Doug Kistler & Doug Miller
Treasure Always SJ's Caviar 8-Apr Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead
Blue Cookie Valley Victor 10-Apr Peninsula Farm & Fashion Farm
Haut Brion Broadway Hall 10-Apr Peninsula Farm & Fashion Farm
Maybe Shes Anangel Credit Winner 10-Apr Valley High Stable & JTD Duer
Naked Lyric Cantab Hall 11-Apr Peninsula Farm & Allevamento Cristal
Over The Border SJ's Caviar 13-Apr Peninsula Farm & Fashion Farm
Almahurst Star Jenna's Beach Boy 15-Apr Peninsula Farm
Janet's Jewel I Am A Fool 15-Apr Peninsula Farm & Valley High Stable
Jate's Best Rocknroll Hanover 16-Apr Coyote Wynd Farms
Suncoast Broadway Hall 16-Apr Peninsula Farm & JTD Duer & Dr. Earl Robbins II
Armbro Crafty The Panderosa 19-Apr Andrew Demetrious
So So Chic Muscles Yankee 20-Apr Liverman Stables
She's Pure Silk Jate Lobell 22-Apr Peninsula Farm & Claire Mazik
Odds On Tammy Andover Hall 26-Apr Odds On Nourrir
Vote Getter Valley Victor 26-Apr Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead
Dustin N Cleanin Broadway Hall 27-Apr Odds On Nourrir
Miss Whitewater Valley Victor 29-Apr Valley High Stable
Gracious Yankee Striking Sahbra 30-Apr Valley High Stable
Delight The Eyes Four Starzzz Shark 7-May John Powell, Jr.
Bowl Of Muscles Broadway Hall 10-May Peninsula Farm & Fashion Farm
The House Of Pan The Panderosa 10-May Dr. Andy Roberts
Wonderbolt Jenna's Beach Boy 10-May Peninsula Farm
Lodgepole Pine Valley Victor 14-May Peninsula Farm & George Hobbs
One Sharp Lady Muscles Yankee 14-May Liverman Stables
Doyenne Muscles Yankee 15-May Liverman Stables
Hoot Bowl Kadabra 16-May Liverman Stables
Hurts Donit Valley Victor 19-May Joe Mendelson
Faster Boots Village Jolt 24-May Peninsula Farm & Fashion Farm
Prime Mistress Yankee Glide 26-May Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead
Listen Up Hanover Cambest 28-May Joe Atwater
Shoobeedobeedo Artsplace 29-May David McDuffee
Almond Joy Yankee Glide 30-May Peninsula Farm & Arden Homestead & Jacqueline Ingrassia
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